Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I know thus far, I've had kind of weird scattered posts and haven't yet addressed why I'm doing this or what I think about the world and such. 

First off, I love to cook, bake, sew, can (although I've done very little since I don't have a pressure cooker yet), up-cycle, and do a lot of random things. So here I'll post things I create or upcycle, what I cook and bake, and some of the fun things I try to do with my family, friends, etc. 

One very important thing about me is that I believe in moderation and that helps reinforce my idea of health. I do NOT think it's healthy to eat spinach and almond milk every meal, if you do you will not enjoy it here. I also do NOT think eating the fewest calories and losing weight = being healthy. Being overweight is not healthy, duh. I definitely would like to lose a few pounds and try to make healthy steps and exercise to help accomplish that goal. One way I will not do it is by eating very few calories by eating "fake food". 

**The way I have decided upon my definition of health is by what makes me and my body feel good. I don't care if you disagree, and I don't want to fight about it. I do think my idea of health is best way to be healthy for just about everyone but I don't care if you do it or not.**

So here's my definition: health in terms of food is eating food! For example the recipe I posted yesterday (smothered tilapia) it has 7 ingredients. However, if I were to have to make an ingredient list like on the back of all the food we buy these days it would STILL have only 7 ingredients (maybe 8, there might some curing salt in the bacon). I took food that exists and made it into something else that's super tasty. Yeah, I know bacon is cured and such but if I bought pork belly I would have to do the same thing, which I wish I could! I've tried to start doing things for myself, it's just hard because financially and space-wise right now it's not an option to do EVERYTHING so I do what I can and try and make wise-choices on the things I can't do from scratch. I also know that bacon is not considered healthy. However, I know a couple slices of bacon makes my body feel much better than  10 calories of fake butter. 

This being said I don't always eat just "real food". I still eat normal people food. I also make a lot of normal people food because I live in a house with 9 other people (yeah, I know) ha. I try to eat as much real food as I can, as well as helping my family secretly start  eating healthy. Yeah, I eat store-bought bread sometimes... that's life.  

Another reason eating real has been so important for me is because I don't tolerate gluten. Mine isn't very bad at this time but I still feel WAY better when I don't eat it. You'll have lots of gluten free recipes here, as well as normal ones because I'm cooking for other people too.  It's a lot easier to know something doesn't have gluten in it if 1) I make it , 2) it naturally doesn't have gluten, and 3) if I don't have to read 7000 ingredients to decide. 

This is how I try and eat. I also try and exercise regularly. I also make sure that I only exercise when I enjoy it. This sounds very wrong to a lot of you I'm sure. BUT I currently enjoy working out. I also know it helps me be healthy. So if I am having a shit day and don't work out 1 day that week, to me it's way better than forcing myself to and starting to have negative feelings towards exercise.  

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